Tradepal is a real-time marketplace that makes it convenient to trade and exchange with other people in and around your college campus. You can adjust your browsing preferences to discover listings like textbooks, study groups, events, tickets or rideshares. When you find what you need, send an in-App chat to your counterpart to ask questions, make arrangements and close the deal.

How it works

The Tradepal App centralizes what's happening by showing you listings from those nearby. Browse to find out what's happening around you or post your own. The Tradepal app has three Categories (Stuff, Lifestyle, Wanted) and a selection of useful subcategories.

Local Listings

Students see nearby listings wherever they are located. We achieve this by prompting you for your geo-location to enhance the experience. We use this information to allow you to view the listings that are close to your location. Even when traveling or over break, you will discover the listings near you. To browse items from your campus members, simply choose the Campus-Only setting.

Chat In-App

A seamless in-app chat between two counterparts to a potential transaction: no need to share personal information to communicate.

Sustainability Mission

Our long-term vision is to Incubate consumer behavior change by quantifying the positive impact of each user by choosing reuse, a rideshare or purchasing from a local farmers market.


The Tradepal App offers three easy to use screens. The technology behind this simple application is quite sophisticated: it supports registration to 2,500 colleges nationwide, geo-location, carbon calculation, in and out of college network listings display, and a ubiquitous in-app chat.

Trust and Safety

Verification through EDU email address, user ratings, mutual friends, and the ability to chat live before making a determination as to whether comfortable trading with a counterpart.