Sustainability Mission

Since our founding in 2009, sustainability has always been embedded in our product and our culture.

Quantifying users' impact is central to demonstrating behavior change. So, we designed a dedicated carbon savings calculator that allowed our users to quantify their environmental impact on Tradepal in terms of carbon savings.

In 2013, we made a commitment to action to incubate consumer behavior change in college campuses. Through our commitment, Tradepal made available its marketplace technology to college campuses at no cost. Students joined their respective college campus network on Tradepal and traded in and out of their campus network community. With each transaction, their environmental impact was quantified at both the user level and the college level. The dual goals were to encourage students to conveniently adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and to contribute to campus-wide efforts toward carbon footprint reduction, and ultimately carbon neutrality.

In 2015, we launched our real-time marketplace application on both iOS and Android to accelerate user adoption and make our service ubiquitous in our college communities.

As we work in 2015 and beyond, we are focused on delivering a convenient and trusted mobile lifestyle application that empowers sustainable communities everywhere. We look forward to collaborating with the Tradepal community and to your feedback as we work toward delivering on this vision.

Karim Guessous
Founder and CEO, Tradepal