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Tradepal seeks to bridge the gap between students and campus resources to ensure that collegial information is not just available, but intuitively engages the student. Here’s how tradepal accomplishes this:

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Student to Student

Connects students to each other.

Tradepal provides a dedicated campus support network where students can:

  • Connect with Peers
  • List/Find Student Orgs.
  • Organize Study Groups
  • List/Find Club Events/Activities
  • Exchange Collegial Resources
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Instructor to student

Offers instructors a seamless tool to engage with students in-App during class and after class.

Formative Assessment:  During class - Assess the mastery of the lesson by students in real-time. Students can message specific questions related to  each module.

Corrective Feedback:  After class - Instructors engage "virtual office hours" via one-to-one chat, remotely providing individualized support to students.  

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Campus Resources

  • Discover campus resources when the need is realized.
  • Connect with student support services listed by college departments and offices.
  • Connect with Campus Resources: counseling services, food bank/pantry,  housing, health services, financial aid workshops, career fairs, speakers, and more...