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Tradepal seeks to bridge the gap between students and existing academic support resources on campus. Our goal is to make tutoring and instructors’ office hours available to students regardless of whether they can physically be on campus or not. Students get help from instructors and student tutors from their own campus. The benefit of student tutors from the same campus is the context they provide by using the same language as their community while sharing their familiarity with the respective instructors teaching style.

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Student TUTORS to StudenTS

Connect student tutors in student learning centers to other students. Tradepal extends the reach of existing tutoring services on campus:

  • Connect student tutors with students online

  • Allow for asynchronous communication to fit schedules

  • Collaborative learning with groups

  • Archiving Q&A

  • Preparing mid-terms and finals

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InstructorS to studentS

Offers instructors a seamless tool to engage with students online before, during and after class.

Formative Assessment:  During class - Assess the mastery of the lesson by students in real-time. Students can message specific questions related to each module.

Corrective Feedback:  After class - Instructors engage synchronous and asynchronous "virtual office hours" via one-to-one chat, remotely providing individualized support to students.